Does Using Rebrandly Affect SEO?

Branded links match all of the criteria for an SEO-friendly URL structure, so using them will not hurt your website’s SEO in any way.

In fact, sharing branded links that are short and contain a relevant keyword is better than using extremely long URLs with lots of subfolders and UTM parameters, or generic short links with no keywords relating to your brand or content.

It’s not always possible to follow URL SEO best practices with normal links. So instead, you can create meaningful branded links, which include a custom domain and a custom keyword after the slash.

For example, Giannis.Pizza/Menu

If you want to optimize your page for secondary keywords, create extra branded links with your secondary keywords to share across your marketing networks too.

Rebrandly uses 301 redirects to forward users from the short link to the final destination. This ensures that the link equity, or SEO value, of the link remains intact.


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