What is a 301 Redirect?

Link redirection, or link forwarding, is best handled using a 301 redirect, which is a code for SEOs, bots, and search engines (like Google) that basically says, "this page is permanently moved to 'that' location. Please go there."

In terms of a URL shortener, we use the 301 redirect to forward a user from the short link location to the destination URL location. So, for example, from a nice legible branded link like "rebrandly.news/UTM-Parameters" to our full URL including UTM parameters: "https://blog.rebrandly.com/utm-parameters-made-simple-guide-for-marketers/?utm_source=socal-media&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=social-media"

The 301 redirect ensures that the "link juice" or SEO value of the link remains intact, thus making short links safe for use within blog posts and websites, if needed, without worrying about a devaluation of the link quality.


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