How to Change Your Destination URL

Did you share a URL with the world, only to forget to install UTM parameters, an affiliate ID, or maybe you pointed at the wrong address. Or even worse, it's going to a 404 not found page.

If you've shared a Rebrandly link and it's no longer working, don't panic!!!
You can easily change your destination URL in just a few seconds.

What is a Destination URL?

In a URL Shortener you have two URL's one is the "Shortened URL" - which doesn't necessarily have to be shorter - and the other is the destination URL (also called "landing page") - where the first link will redirect, or point, to.

A destination URL is the end destination of your shortened URL.

How to Change the Destination URL

To change the destination URL, login to your Rebrandly account and go to your links dashboard. Then follow the instructions set out in this video:


Note: You can also change the main branded link URL or domain, but doing this will render the old branded short link dead - it will no longer connect to your destination link.

You can change the destination URL as many times as you would like.

Why would you want to change your URL?

  • To point people from a static location, like your Instagram account, to your latest blog post.
  • To take an old link that pointed at least years event and now point it at this years event.
  • To update UTM parameters within the destination URL.
  • To point someone to a more appropriate piece of content.
  • To update a bad or dead link.
  • To redirect users to a new location.

What about other URLs shorteners?


This article is about:

  • Updating a destination URL
  • Changing where people go when they click a link
  • Changing a link after you've already shared it
  • Updating a branded link
  • Updating a short link
  • Dynamically edit links
  • Change destination URL with bitly
  • Change landing page with googl
  • Edit target url with Owly
  • Changing TinyURL links
  • Alter the links after creation
  • Correct the link
  • Change the links that I am redirecting to
  • Edit short links to make them point to a new url
  • Change the destination of the link to another location at a later time
  • Change the url after the short links are created
  • Edit links after I've created one
  • Rename the links
  • Edit links on old Facebook posts
  • Re-point my short links if they change
  • Update that short link later with a different URL
  • Modify my target landing page url
  • Changing my url
  • Rename URLs even after I have published
  • How to change my URLs
  • Edit links that have already been created
  • Edit the target url
  • Change the URL whenever you want
  • Delete your links
  • Delete short links
  • Edit the link after creating it
  • Custom domains with editable URL's
  • Edit shortlinks
  • Customizable URL
  • Edit my shorteners for free
  • Editable redirect link
  • Change a link after sending it so someone
  • Update the url whenever I want
  • Later change the target link
  • Change underlying link
  • Modify the target link
  • Update redirect links
  • Edit my links on bitly
  • Edit my links on Google
  • Edit my links on googl
  • Edit my links on owl
  • Change links on the go
  • Change the link destination afterwards
  • Change my destination text after shortening the link
  • Edit the URL underlying a shortened link
  • Edit the target of a shortlink after it's been created
  • Create short links that can be edited
  • Keep the short link but change the destination
  • Change the long url after I already printed the short url
  • Possibility to change the destination url of the QR-Code if necessary
  • Can edit the long URL
  • Ability to edit shortended links

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