What is a Branded Link?

A branded link is simply a short link – a shorter version of a URL you want to share online built around a brand name or related term. It is also known as a Vanity URL. 


Unlike default shortened links (like buff.ly or goo.gl) brands these days prefer to use a link that incorporates their name, associating themselves with the content they share, reinforcing brand awareness and increasing their brand recognition.

Other Examples: davide.link/CV or Yourname.marketing/Awesome-Blog-Post or MrPencil.news/Scoop

Branded Links are made up of three elements

With just one single short branded link (also known as custom short URL or vanity URL) you can send three important messages in one shot: 

  • Show your brand
  • Show what if your job/activity about or what you care of
  • Show what is the link for


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