How to Brand and Track Links in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform.

Here are a few useful ways you can use branded links to share and track your links:

  • Your Profile
    This is often the first place potential connections look before connecting with you. You can add links to your "Contact" and "Summary" sections.
    • Contact: You can add up to three websites in your "Contact" section, a company website, personal website, blog, RSS feed, portfolio or other. Use branded short links here and you can track how many clicks you're getting. 
    • Summary: Here you can include another link. Whether you're using the same link as in your contact section, or a new one, this is the perfect spot for a branded link so you can track clicks. 
    • Experience and Education: You could also include a link at the end of your descriptions in these sections. Even though they aren't clickable links per se, a viewer will still be able to select it and visit the URL. This could be useful if you want to link the viewer to a different URL, other than the company website.
  • Sharing and Commenting in Groups
    When you're starting a group or simply part of them, whenever you share any kind of information, from URLs to podcasts, branded links are a great way to share and track engagement. By using a branded link you'll also be able to monitor how many clicks you're getting in this channel. You could even set up different links for each of your groups so that you can monitor which groups are more engaged in the content you're sharing. This will help you work out which groups to focus on to drive clicks and conversions. Also, when you're commenting on other posts, use a branded short link to direct them to more information e.g. on your blog or website. Your link will not only look cool and professional, but you can track clicks.
  • Sharing and Commenting on Your Newsfeed
    When sharing your latest content, or commenting on someone else's, be sure to use a branded link. Make your links look professional, encourage link trust and clicks, and track those clicks.
  • Sharing and Commenting in SlideShare:
    In SlideShare, you can add a branded short link to your profile section in the left column. You can also add a link to your actual presentation - Being pronounceable and memorable, a branded short link is easy for viewers to remember and action. When you're commenting on other people's SlideShares, use your branded short links - This can build brand awareness, increase link trust and click-through, and you can track clicks. You may just find that commenting on SlideShares becomes a traction channel for you, you'll never know until you try.

As with all the other social media channels, LinkedIn is evolving quickly and offering many different ways to share, connect and engage with your audience. So go on and use branded short links to work out where your community is engaging the most. This will give you a tool to maximize your efforts in this channel.

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