How to Brand and Track Links in WhatsApp

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Most people use WhatsApp daily for many different reasons. For any kind of WhatsApp conversation where you need to share content, a branded link is useful.

Here are a few useful ways you can use branded links to share and track content in your next conversation:

  • Sharing contact details:
    If you're sharing your contact information, you can have your short links ready to share beforehand e.g.;; These links are short and memorable, allowing for quick sharing without you having to go to your different profiles and find the link every time.
  • Sharing location:
    If you're sharing your address, you could use a branded link to share your direction location on Google Maps. For example: or
  • Sharing in your groups:
    If you start a group in WhatsApp and want to share any kind of information, from URLs to podcasts, branded links are a great way to share and track engagement. By using a branded link like or, you'll not only encourage more clicks, you'll also be able to monitor how many clicks you're getting on your different links. This will allow you to work out what content your groups are finding most interesting and refine your shares.
  • Sharing event invitations:
    If you want to invite your contacts to an event, using a branded bink for all your channels is a great idea. You can add UTM parameters to each channel, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Email etc. and track where people are most engaged. A branded link is more informative and engaging since it includes your brand name and real words. Think of sharing things like,,

Nowadays, WhatsApp is being used not only for personal use but for businesses too. Businesses are using the app for internal communications, customer communications and support, marketing, promotions and the list just goes on.

No matter what you're using the WhatsApp for, using branded links in your messages will help you to increase link trust and engagement, and to track your link success.

With Google Chrome Browser

If you are using Google Chrome you can easily create branded links on WhatsApp with one click by downloading Rebrandly's Chrome extension and using the automatic link detection feature.

See how it works:

With other browsers

If you're using a browser other than Chrome then creating branded links (custom short links) for WhatsApp is still very easy. Just download the right extension and you are ready to go! Get it for: 

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