Custom Short Links for Personal Branding

Custom Short Links can Improve Your Personal Branding

You can customize your links in 3 ways:

  1. Purchase a Custom Domain e.g. JohnBrown, TopCoaching
  2. Select a TLD that works for your brand. You can keep it simple and select .link or .click. Or you can select a more specific TLD like .pizza .news .video  e.g.
  3. Customize the URL Slugs of your links, with Keywords that tell your readers more about what you are sharing e.g. JohnBrown.Video/BusinessGuide

These Custom Links are important because:

  • By having a Custom Domain in your Custom Link, your brand name is seen by people whenever you share content.
  • By including a TLD, you can encourage viewers to click by telling them more about what you are sharing (e.g. .link .video .news) or what your brand does (e.g. .pizza .press)
  • By customizing your URL Slug with relevant keywords, you increase your link SEO Ranking and increase link trust as people can see what you are sharing with them.

Overall, if you are building your Personal Brand, having customized links is an effective way for you to build your brand awareness online, and increase your engagement with your community.



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    Andrew T Stewart
    Or you could use an all in a program called mmini. Links and a little demo for the curious:
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