I Just Bought a Domain, But It Isn't Working Yet

Domain in Progress - DNS Propagation

Patience please, while the entire internet is being updated on your recent purchase or changing of DNS instructions. 🤓

When you register a new domain name or change the DNS settings of an existing domain, in most cases, the domain will not immediately show the new destination. 

DNS (Domain Name System) needs to "propagate". This means that the new setup needs to be "communicated" to all servers that resolve the domain into the IP number. All over the World.

Based on the rules of the specific TLDs, registrars and your dashboard, it could take seconds or hours (usually not more than 24 hours). It usually only takes about 15 minutes.

DNS propagation happens at different times in different countries. To check the status of your domain's DNS, go to this website and type in your domain name: https://www.whatsmydns.net

You will receive an email when your DNS has been properly configured across the entire internet.


This article is about:

  • Connecting a branded domain
  • What happens after you purchase a branded domain?
  • DNS propagation
  • When will my domain be available to use?

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