Purchase and Register a New Branded Domain

This process will walk you through exactly how to register a new branded domain using Rebrandly.

Note: You do not have to start with a Rebrandly account, but will have to create one through the registration process.


Register a new branded domain

  1. Go to the "new domain" page and search for your domain
    You have many different options for sorting through domains to help you find the one that is right for you.



  1. Add the domain to your cart and hit "Checkout." Login or create an account if you are not already logged in.



  1. Fill out the ICANN registration form. This is required to own any domain in the world. Please fill it out accurately as this information is important.




  1. You're now brought to the final payment page. Please fill in payment information.


  1. Now is the time to apply any coupons you may have.


  1. Click "Pay $X" and your credit card will be charged for the new domain and a receipt will be e-mailed to you.


Important Note: 

After purchase, please wait (at least) 15 minutes for the domain to properly connect.

You will receive an error if trying to use this domain within the first 15 minutes.

After your domain has been connected, you can now create and share branded links directly from the domain. Here's a tutorial on how to create your first branded link.


This article is about:

  • Purchasing a domain
  • How to Use a Coupon Code
  • How to Checkout
  • Where to Input Credit Card Information
  • Why do I need to Input My Address?


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