Bulk Link Import CSV Template

To import/create links in bulk into Rebrandly you need to create and upload a .CSV file.
The .CSV file needs to be structured like this:


Download the .CSV template

Important notes:

  • The first row will be ignored by the import process and is just for labeling purposes.
  • The slashtag:
    • Is the keyword that will be present after the main domain name. For example mydomain.click/apple.
    • It can be a specific keyword or an alphanumeric string.
    • If a slashtag for the same domain name already exists the line will be skipped and the branded link will not be created.
  • The destination URLs:
    • Can be the same for several different links,
    • Must include the protocol like http://, https://, mailto:, etc...
    • Can include parameters; Find out how to import links in bulk - what you need to do is to add parameters to the URL (links) you are importing. 
    • Can include parameters for social sharing
  • The file you upload:

Example of a CSV file structure that includes random or sequential slashtags and UTMs


If you need to create hundreds or thousands of individual links with different link options (tags, notes, UTMs, routing rules, OpenGraph rules, retargeting scripts or deep links), it can be difficult to do through Bulk Link Import, but we have a workaround. 

To proceed, we recommend you manually create one branded link in the dashboard with the correct destination URL and the desired options. Then, in the CSV file, indicate this branded link as the destination URL. While we don't normally recommend a double redirect, in this case it can be extremely useful. 

You can also employ this method for clusters, with groups of branded links having specific options/destinations in your sheet. For advice on your specific use case, get in touch with us on https://rebrandly.support/contact


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