How to Tag Your Branded Links

Categorize Your Custom Short Links with Tags

Tags are a nifty feature that allow you to color and word organize your links to make it easier to track campaigns, report, search, or organize your links.

Topic Ideas for Your Tags:

  • Blog
  • Curated
  • Sales/Promotion
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Social
  • By Team Member

And of course you can tag links with any word or campaign name you would like. 

How to Use Tags

To get started using tags, you can either watch this video or follow the steps below:


Start by simply creating a new link or editing an existing link and clicking the settings (gear) icon:


From here click "Tags" and "Add New." You will then be able to fill in a name and color for your tag and hit "Create."


Once a tag is created, you still need to apply it to an existing link. Do this by clicking on the tag itself, and you will see it added below the link in the Tag section:

Hit "Save" (for existing links) or "Create" (for new links) and the link will be saved with the tag in place.


From here you will be able to see the tag color of all links within the Rebrandly dashboard:

As well as search for the Tag in the search bar and see only results with that tag:

Use tags consistently to help organize your links and make it easier to track and share your content.

This article is about:

  • Tags
  • Searching for tags
  • Tagging your links with keywords
  • Organizing your links


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