Rebrandly integration for Registrars

Integrate the Custom URL Shortener into your services for free.
(This article is for Registrars ONLY)

Domain names were traditionally employed, quite exclusively, for websites/blogs and emails. Today there is a third way: Domain names can now be used to create Branded links.

Branded links, also known as custom short URLs or vanity URLS let you shorten long and ugly URLs and obtain a short, customised and cool link that includes your brand and a keyword. Learn more about the power of Branded Links

This is a great opportunity for your customers to improve their brand visibility and maximise the links they share. It's also a great opportunity for every registrar to offer an innovative and useful service for free. Offering the possibility to create Branded Short URLs does not only improve customer satisfaction, but it is also a great way to up-sell additional domains. 

Famous Registrars like and IWantMyName already integrate with Rebrandly.

The integration is free for you and for your customers.

How to integrate Rebrandly as an additional service for your Customers. 

Step A -> Register/choose the domain name:

  • On your website the customer needs to register a new domain, or choose a domain they already registered. Note: they can also decide to use a subdomain (third level domain). 

Step B -> Setup DNS:

  • Once your customer decides which domain (or subdomain) they want to use to create branded links, your system needs to setup the DNS.

- CASE #1 SECOND LEVEL DOMAIN, eg.: Setup DNS like so:

  • A record: Hostname @ points to
  • CNAME: Hostname * points to

- CASE #2 THIRD LEVEL DOMAIN, eg.: Setup DNS like so:

  • CNAME: Hostname link points to

Step C -> Create a new record inside Rebrandly:

  • Now you need to communicate to Rebrandly which domain will be used. For that, just send the customer to Rebrandly's website using the following parametric link:

  • firstName [not mandatory] = the first name of the customer
  • domain [MANDATORY] = the second (or third) level domain chosen by the customer
  • ref [not mandatory] = is the name of your registrar

Attention: parameters are CASE SENSITIVE. 

Step D -> Verification:

  • After the domain has been added, Rebrandly verifies periodically if the DNS has been propagated correctly. When it is complete, the system verifies the domain and sends a confirmation email to the customer.


More info and Co-Marketing

After the integration is live you may want to contact us, our marketing team will evaluate the possibility to co-promote your integration with our community using our marketing channels: Blog, AppsPage, Twitter, Newsletter and many more. 

For any additional info please contact us 
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