Blacklisted URL Shorteners - Stop Using them in Emails!

Often the most famous Generic URL shorteners get blacklisted.
If you send an email containing links shortened with generic, common domains that are blacklisted, your email will probably end up in the spam (abuse) folder of your audience. 

These generic domains are in fact used by millions of people, including spammers to share malware, phishing content and any sort of illegal stuff. Anyone can create an account and create his short link for free and it's really difficult to check every single link that has been created. 

SURBL maintains an updated list of the top 10 most abused URL shorteners (Blacklisted).
Following the list updated Sat Oct 1 07:00:13 UTC 2016:


The solution to this problem is to shorten your URLs using your custom domain name. In this way, only you are able to create links with that domain and, unless you are a spammer, you won't be blacklisted. 

Rebrandly lets you register a new domain name and use it as your custom URL shortener. It just requires a few minutes, no technical skill required and the price starts from $2 per year:

You can find more info on this on our Blog: Blacklisted Short Links? Stop Using them in Emails!

This article is about:

  • Blacklisted URL shorteners
  • Blacklisted bitly, googl, owly and other shorteners
  • Short URLs and emails

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