How to Do Link Retargeting Within Rebrandly

A Step-by-Step guide to Creating a Retargeting Link

For more about understanding link retargeting, read this blog post: What is Link Retargeting?

This process requires a few things on your part:

1. You need to have a piece of curated content (it is not necessary to use retargeting links with your own blog content, because you can already retargeting people from within the website.)

2. You need to have an advertising account that offers a website pixel - typically Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a few others.

3. You should be running ads either now or in the future to this retargeting audience, that is the only value of adding this feature to your links.


To get started you can either watch this video, or follow the steps below:

Open up your Rebrandly dashboard or extension and paste in your URL, then click the "add options" and retargeting:




For Facebook Custom Audience Pixel:

Now you need to go grab your retargeting pixel code. For Facebook you go to your business manager account and navigate to All Tools -> Pixels (this link might work for you):

Facebook Business Manager All Tools Pixels

Then click “Actions” and “View Pixel” to see your code:

Actions View Pixel Code

For Google Remarketing Pixel:

To get your remarketing tag code from Google, login to your AdWords account and go to Shared library -> Audiences -> Tag Details:

 Shared Library Audiences Tag Details Remarketing Tag

From here click “Setup” and “View AdWords tag for websites:”

Google Remarketing Tag Code

And copy and paste this code into the Rebrandly Retargeting script box, name it, and save it.

Save Your New Retargeting Pixel

Now you don’t have to understand coding to get this done, just copy and paste your code script directly into your Rebrandly retargeting script box, and add a name:


Create the retargeting code and the link and you are ready to roll.

From here simply share this link in any Tweet or message that you would like to send out and you will tag anyone that clicks it and automatically start serving them ads at a later time.

Useful to know:

  1. Multiple pixels for the same links.
    In case you need to add the visitor who clicks your link to multiple retargeting lists, (e.g.: Facebook, AdWords and AddRoll) is important to know you can add multiple pixels (up to 5) to any of your Rebrandly links.  

  2. Paid feature
    The retargeting of links is not included in the free plans. For details please have a look at our pricing page: 

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    Felipa Nunes

    this interactive guide on how to link retargeting initiatives is pretty useful. Had I not already gone with an expert in Treepodia, I may well have considered this option and done it this way. Really impressive stuff here.

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