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Forward Parameters/Variables to the Landing Page



  • One Step Ahead Media Srl

    Hi David, I've one question.

    Do I need to add variables to the branded/shorten link, or can I add the on the original link, the Rebrandly will save them and pass them?

    It doesn't make sense to Rebrand/shorten a link, and then add to it all the variables, because it will looks long and ugly.



  • Developer

    It isn't obvious in the article, but in case this helps anyone else, you can have a rebranded link with UTM parameters and still append custom parameters to the shortened/rebranded URL.

    For example, rebrand a full URL such as "" to "", and then in the link append another parameter such as "", and the redirected URL will be "".

    I think this answers Enrico's original question as well as expounds on the fact that both fixed and dynamic parameters can be used with a rebranded link.


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