Forward Parameters/Variables to the Landing Page

How to pass parameters (Variables) to the destination URL (Landing page) via your short link.

All branded links created with Rebrandly include a feature called "forward parameters". It means that all the parameters attached to the branded link are added/included in the destination URL (landing page).

For example

the Branded Link: redirects to

But if you add a parameter to it, like:, it opens but with "rebrandly" in the search

To add a parameter:

  1. Brand a link
  2. when you use it add a parameter/text after the "?"

There are many different use of this feature. If you have another one, please add it in the comments below.

UTM Example

Another important use case is the UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) one.

With Rebrandly you can rebrand a link and then add UTM parameters outside of the branded link (manually or dynamically at the end of it).

The UTM will be passed to the landing page and you will be able to see analytics about that link in your Google Analytics dashboard. (If you own that landing page and have Google Analytics installed, of course)

This is an example. Click on the following link and you'll see how UTM are passed to the destination URL:

This is how the destination URL will appear:



  • Multiple redirects
    If the branded link perform a multiple redirect the parameter, in most of the cases, will not be passed to the destination URL. In particular it happens when your Rebrandly is connected with or Bitly. In fact the parameter is passed to the short link provider but they do not pass the parameter to the destination URL. 
  • Old links
    Only links created or modified after Aug 12th, 2016 include this features. If you want to forward parameters on old links just re-save it and the feature will be automatically added. 

This article is for:

  • Forward parameters on short links (Branded links, Custom links)
  • Pass parameters to destination URL (Landing page)
  • Text after the "?"
  • Dynamic parameters (variables)
  • Variables in the URL

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    Enrico Franzoni

    Hi David, I've one question.

    Do I need to add variables to the branded/shorten link, or can I add the on the original link, the Rebrandly will save them and pass them?

    It doesn't make sense to Rebrand/shorten a link, and then add to it all the variables, because it will looks long and ugly.



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