How Long Does a Rebrandly Link Last?

Theoretically, your short branded link can last forever. You manage the links you create in your Rebrandly account. In Rebrandly, as long as you keep your link active it will not expire.

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  • Long-lasting short links
  • Custom short links lifespan
  • How long do branded links last?
  • Link Expiration

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    David Brennan

    Sometimes I use a short-link to send to someone and they only need it for a week. Will Rebrandly offer the ability for us to set a timer in the settings of each link if we want it to be deleted after a certain number of days?

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    Hi David, there are two ways to get that with Rebrandly:

    1) The Auto Expiry feature - currently available only for extended workspaces in the enterprise version and useful especially if you need to create/manage many links via API

    2) Using the link routing rule (available with paid plans) to direct the user to an alternative destination URL after a specific date. 

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