Create Branded Links with Rebrandly Bookmarklet

Create and share your branded links even faster by adding the Rebrandly Bookmarklet to your browser- ideal for Opera, Safari and Edge.

To install it just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign In to your Rebrandly account and click on the Apps menu at the top of your page. Find the Rebrandly Bookmarklet icon and click on it.

  2. From the Bookmarklet page, click and drag the "Rebrand this URL" button to your browser's bookmark bar.


  3. Once added, create branded links for the page you are currently visiting by clicking "Rebrand this URL"

  4. When you click on the "Rebrand this URL" button, a link creation popup will appear with a branded link that we've automatically generated for you

  5. From there, you can perform the same types of customizations as you do already in your Rebrandly Dashboard

  6. After you customize your link with the desired domain and slash-tag click "Create link"

  7. Your link will be rebranded and added to your Active Links list. You can choose whether to copy the link to your clipboard to share or edit directly from the Rebrandly Bookmarklet.

Having problems using Rebrandly Bookmarklet?

Our Bookmarklet is a "pop-up" window that opens on top of the content you want to create a branded link for, so due to its nature, some browsers may block "pop-up" windows by default. You can easily enable "pop-up" windows by following these steps: 

For Chrome users

  1. Make sure you see the following icon in your address bar when trying to rebrand a URLScreen_Shot_2018-04-12_at_10.31.45.png

  2. Click the icon and change the selected option to: "Always allow pop-ups from"

  3. After "allowing Rebrandly" click done and your Bookmarklet should work fine

For Safari users

  1. Open "Safari preferences" by clicking "Safari -> Preferences..."

  2. Go to you "Security tab"

  3. Uncheck "Block pop-up windows"book-safari-002.png
  4. Close your preferences and try using Bookmarklet again

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