Can I Create Different Short Links for the Same Landing Page

Yes, you can create different short links for the same destination page. In fact, we recommend it if you're sharing and tracking marketing efforts across multiple channels.

Unlike other popular URL shorteners that don't allow you to create two short links in the same account pointing at the same destination URL, we have no restrictions on how many times you need to do this because we understand the necessity of tracking efforts across multiple different partners and channels.

Understanding the Duplicate Link Warning Box

Sometimes it's helpful to share the same page under a handful of different short links in order to best track your marketing efforts- especially in conjunction with adding UTM parameters to a link.

When you go to create a short link from a link from the Rebrandly Chrome extension or your Rebrandly dashboard and there has already been a link pointing to that destination URL already created, you will see a box like this:


This can actually double as a great way to go track down a short link of that you forgot the name of...

After seeing this warning, you can continue to make a new link with the same destination URL, or you can add UTM parameters to the URL to help track traffic better in Google Analytics and then only share that link on the appropriate channel.


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