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Finding the Best Bitly Enterprise Alternative 

Although Bitly is one of the most known free URL shorteners, it's probably not the best choice when you need a platform for enterprise projects. If you represent a large organization or an agency looking for a more innovative option for link management, consider Rebrandly as the Bitly Enterprise alternative.

Whether you're looking for more accurate marketing analytics, better protection for your branded links or mass link creation, Rebrandly offers the most advanced and reliable technology combined with top-tier customer service.

While Bitly's enterprise plan is satisfactory, it starts at $15,000 per year, Rebrandly provides a more advanced, tailored, and innovative link management system at a realistic price, allowing it to scale with your business.

Rebrandly offers the all same features as Bitly's Enterprise plan, with a selection of plans to cater to businesses and teams of any size.

Rebrandly is the most complete platform for branded links management. We provide top features including:

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We offer the most complete and reliable management platform for your links

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If you are already a Bitly enterprise customer, we will create a custom offer that will include more advanced features at a better price. In addition, we will migrate all of your existing Bitly links into our platform at no additional cost. Talk to our sales team (Email or phone call)

Rebrandly works with your business to make the most out of every link. 


1. Brand and Customize 

When the brand and relevant keyword is included in every link, you'll:

  1. Increase link trust
  2. Improve brand visibility
  3. Improve SEO
  4. Drive click-through rates by up to 39%
  5. Create a consistent customer experience
  6. Make your links stand out
  7. Transform links into a call to action 

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Check out a few examples from Rebrandly customers:

  • Panda Express recreates their brand's name using a TLD:
  • Lamborghini chose a cool domain that mimics their brand name:
  • Jaguar Australia uses to prompt click-throughs on social media
  • Harvard University uses multiple domains for specific departments such as for its alumni network and for broader communications


2. Track Every Click to Drive Better Business Decisions

Rebrandly provides: 

  • Individual link data 
    Detailed and real-time analytics for every branded link
  • Integration with Google Analytics
    An in-platform UTM builder to attribute link metrics in your Google Analytics account.
  • Aggregated data
    Overall performance analytics aggregated by the campaign (with tags), the domain name, the user (teammate) and the workspace.
  • Customized analytics
     A powerful tool that lets you build your own custom reports.
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3. Manage Every Link Asset in One Place

With Rebrandly it’s possible to list and control all of an organization’s links in one place. Users can:

  • Create different workspaces
  • Allow co-workers, partners, and clients to access branded links
  • Manage different access levels using SSO and 2FA
  • Edit destination URLs after the links have been shared
  • Optimize traffic routing
  • Retarget visitors who click on the links
  • Manage 404 errors (page not found)
  • Stop or re-route out-of-date links or even ones that are harmful to the organization
  • Enforce compliance standards for security, communications, and branding
  • Control which members of the organization can share with certain domains



4. Integrate Rebrandly Into Any Workflow

Rebrandly is already integrated with over 100 of the most popular apps, including...



Rebrandly is an extremely solid platform, designed for the long-term

Thanks to our expert engineers and external partners like Amazon AWS, we provide the best possible platform to shorten, brand and manage links. Rebrandly is:

  1. Reliable
    1. Hosted in multiple countries on Amazon
    2. 99.9% Guaranteed service uptime
  2. Scalable
    1. 60 billion clicks tracked each year (and counting)
    2. An infrastructure that's set up to grow based on customer needs
  3. Flexible
    1. Thousands of dedicated projects already logged
    2. 12,000+ developers already using our APIs
  4. Fast
    1. Up to 1,000 new branded links created pers second
    2. Rapid autoscaling infrastructure 


We believe your brand comes first…and that's why SMBs and Enterprises love us!

Rebrandly is for companies who care about building a great and consistent online presence. We have more than 30,000 premium customers that include brands from different industries such as, Banking, Automotive, Fashion and Luxury, Retail, Education, Recruitment, Pharmaceutical, Consultancy, Finance, Technology, Telecommunications, and FMCG. 



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We offer the most complete and reliable management platform for your links

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