Transferring a Domain Purchased from Rebrandly

This article will walk you through the process of transferring a domain name purchased from Rebrandly.

You're free to transfer your custom domains outside Rebrandly at any time, but you cannot easily transfer a domain from one account of Rebrandly to another account of Rebrandly: this is not natively supported.

If you transfer a domain away from Rebrandly and you decide to continue using our service, you can just follow the procedure described here.

To transfer a domain, start the transfer procedure in your preferred domain provider's dashboard. They will ask you for a "transfer code". To get a transfer code from Rebrandly follow the steps outlined in the dashboard by clicking the domain you wish to transfer out.


Please do not purchase domains from Rebrandly with the intention of using them to host main websites. If this is your goal, there are plenty of great companies that can help you much better than we can. We are set up to register domains specifically for custom URL shortening purposes.

Once registered, it can take several days before you will be able to transfer a domain from one domain provider to another. This time varies from TLD to TLD, so pay attention to the fact that once a domain has been registered with Rebrandly you may not be able to immediately move it to another domain provider.

Some domains come with a 60-day Change of Registrant lock, so we advise you to investigate the rules of the specific TLD you have chosen to transfer before initiating this process.

For further help send a request to domains [at]

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  • Transferring my Rebrandly-purchased domain
  • Hosting a website on my URL shortener domain
  • Changing the DNS of a Rebrandly bought domain

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