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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ClickMeter being discontinued?

  • We’ve worked with millions of people to make the most of their links, and since launching Rebrandly alongside ClickMeter in 2015, we’ve found that the biggest challenges our customers face are solved by Rebrandly. The conversion tracking that ClickMeter provides has been a very important addition to many businesses, but as companies like Google and Facebook remove the ability to track web conversions using pixels and cookies, the ability for ClickMeter to do so will be very limited. This is an inevitable shift in reshaping the tracking and ad tech landscape across the board. 

When will be the last day you will provide the ClickMeter service and what will happen at that time?

  • The latest day of ClickMeter service of ClickMeter will be March 31, 2023; starting  April 1, 2023, access to your dashboard and links will be deactivated.

Can I use another data tracking tool similar to ClickMeter?

  • Rebrandly is our sister company. We encourage you to migrate to Rebrandly where you will be able to find most of the features that ClickMeter was offering and many more. 

Where can I find a guide for migrating from ClickMeter to Rebrandly?

Can I speak to someone to help me figure out the best plan to choose at Rebrandly?

  • If you would like to speak with someone on our team to understand which Rebrandly plan is best for you, send a request here

Can I migrate all my links to Rebrandly or to another provider?

  • Only branded links can be migrated to another provider and to Rebrandly. These are the links you created, using your own domain name. 
  • If you created trading links using one of the domain names provided by ClickMeter you cannot move them to another provider.

Can I track conversions with Rebrandly?

  • No, it is not possible to track conversions (attribution) with Rebrandly. Attribution tracking s going to become even more difficult across the industry as Google, Facebook, and other platforms limit the ability to leverage 3rd party cookies and pixels. We recommend you find an alternate solution now. 

I would like a refund. It is possible?

  • Any refund due to your contract terms extending beyond the ClickMeter sunset date will be refunded according to your terms of service. Refunds will not be issued retroactively.

I have a 12-month contract, will you refund my unused pro-rata subscription?

  • Any refund due to your contract terms extending beyond the ClickMeter sunset date will be refunded according to your terms of service.

Where can I find all the useful information to manage the ClickMeter and Rebrandly APIs?

  • Developer's Hub to deal with RB API

  • Developer's Hub to deal with CM API 

Where can I see a comparison feature list for ClickMeter (CM) and Rebrandly (RB)?

  • below you will find a list of features comparing the two platforms
NO Custom data stream YES
NO Broken links management YES
NO High volume links YES
NO Traffic optimization YES
NO Two factor auth. (2FA) YES
NO Workspaces YES
NO Single Sign On (SSO) YES
NO Domain names management YES
NO Register domain names YES
NO Training and support YES
NO Dedicated onboarding YES
NO Account management YES
NO Mobile apps YES
NO Browser extension YES
NO Mac desktop app YES
NO Windows app YES
NO 50+ app integrations YES
NO Customizable API rate YES
YES Tracking link/ Branded link YES
YES Clicks tracked per month YES
YES Total branded links YES
YES Custom domain names YES
YES Custom reports per month YES
YES Active teammates YES
YES Analytics YES
YES Link history YES
YES Link analytics YES
YES UTM builder YES
YES GDPR privacy YES
YES Private/public reports YES
YES Aggregated reports YES
YES Custom report builder YES
YES Your logo in reports YES
YES Link management YES
YES Editable destination URL YES
YES Link search YES
YES Links with emojis YES
YES QR codes YES
YES Custom URL slugs YES
YES Link notes YES
YES Bulk link import YES
YES Link tags YES
YES Link expiration YES
YES URL parameters YES
YES Bulk link edit YES
YES 301 redirect YES
YES Parameter forwarding YES
YES Traffic routing YES
YES Link retargeting YES
YES Open graph control YES
YES Mobile deep linking YES
YES Collaboration YES
YES Active Teammates YES
YES Multiple access levels YES
YES Connect external domains YES
YES Branded domains redirect YES
YES 404 redirect YES
YES Main domain alias YES
YES Custom SSL certificate YES
YES Knowledge base YES
YES Video tutorials YES
YES Email support YES
YES Direct training YES
YES Dedicated engineers YES
YES Enterprise tool integration YES
YES Extras YES
YES API access YES
YES Uptime SLA 99,9% YES
YES Dedicated load balancers YES
YES Custom SaaS agreement YES
YES Consolidated billing YES
YES Link Rotator NO
YES First click redirect NO
YES Campaigns NO
YES Max clicks redirect NO
YES Countdown links NO
YES Password protected redirect NO
YES Time-scheduled redirect NO
YES Link cloaking NO
YES Referral wiping NO
YES Turn links on/off NO
YES Conversions tracking NO
YES Conversion funnel NO
YES Configurable cookies NO
YES Track multiple conversions NO
YES Conversions piggyback NO
YES Split (A/B) test NO
YES Six different languages NO


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