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Add a domain name over the plan limit

I wish to add another domain name to my plan but I already have reached my plan limit (5), is this possible without upgrading my plan?

  • You can always add another domain to your plan even if you have reached the limit. 
  • go to https://app.rebrandly.com/domains and click on “New Domain” button.  
  • the cost of the domain will be 5€/month and it will be billed as an overquota domain

Delete a domain name purchased via Rebrandly

How can I delete a domain purchased with Rebrandly from my dashboard?

  • a domain registration can’t be revoked and the domain will expire on the natural expiration date if the renewal is not requested (please check that your domain has the Auto-renew OFF).
  • You will see your domain in your dashboard until it will expire and only after the grace period and the redemption period (usually 70 days after the expiration date) it will be totally deleted from your dashboard.

Using your domain for Rebrandly and your website/blog at the same time

Can I use my domain name both for the Rebrandly short link service and for my website/blog as well?

  • yes, you can use the same domain name for both but you should have the ALIAS DOMAIN feature available in our PAID plans.
  • see here for more technical details

Domain 404 management

Does Rebrandly have domain forwarding and 404 management feature?




Slash tag (Slug) customization

Can I Customise the Slashtag of my links?

  • yes, In Rebrandly you can create your own slash tags and edit them anytime you want.
  • this a great feature to give your links a sense and meaning at the same time. It also helps in creating authority over the link.
  • this feature is available on all paid plans.

QR Code redirection

Can I redirect a QR Code?



Invoice availability via E-mail

Can I have my invoices sent by E-mail?

  • At the moment, the Invoice emailing service is not available. However, you can download the invoices from your dashboard by going into the billing history section.
  • For more info please check this article

Payments method with a wire transfer

Can I pay my bill via an invoice (with a wire transfer)?

  • Invoice payments (with a wire transfer) are available only for annual commitments for invoices over $ 5,000

Payment methods available in Rebrandly

Which payment methods can I use to pay my bills in Rebrandly?

  • At the moment the following payment methods are available to pay your bills:
    - Credit Card: the most common way to pay
    - Google Pay: you have to be logged in to a Google account in your browser (we suggest using Chrome), and that account must have Google Pay active (at least 1 card set). If you have more than 1 Google account logged in, the one with Google Pay must be the default one.
    - Apple Pay: you must use an Apple device like an iPhone or a Mac, and set up Apple Pay on that device. Furthermore, you must use Safari (no other browsers are allowed from Apple so far)





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