How to recover a Rebrandly link from a broken QR code?

You can recover a damaged QR code if it refers to a Rebrandly link unless it is suspended or blocked.

Any QR code is associated with a specific web link. If that link is deleted by mistake or because expiration rules have been set in your workspace, the QR code will not work, it will not redirect the user to the destination page. 

In case you need the QR code to work again there is an easy fix. All you have to do is recreate a new link with the same domain name and slashtag as the one that was deleted. 

To discover which link is associated with a specific QR code you can use an online tool such as

NOTE: If you scan the QR code (eg.: with your smartphone), please note that the browser may navigate the link, thus avoiding the user from seeing and copying the original URL but only the destination URL which will not be useful.

NOTE2: you will not be able to re-create a branded link if the one associated with the QR code has been suspended or blocked by Rebrandly. 


NOTE3: although different providers might create different variations of the QR code all the variations represent the same URL, so they are interchangeable.


In case you are not sure how to find the URL associated with the QR code, log into Rebrandly and contact support by attaching a photo or image of the QR code.

Remember to specify the original landing page URL (Destination URL) you wish to set for this QR code. Our support team will then proceed to recreate the link after verifying your identity.


QR codes can be used to represent URLs (and more) in a form recognizable by the cameras of mobile devices. The device will then translate the code into a URL and navigate it by opening the native browser. To improve the readability, QR codes can take on different colours and even different compositions, while still representing the same URL: all the variations represent the same URL, so they are interchangeable. This is the reason why you can have different but equivalent QR codes.


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