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Info about Rebrandly free domain names.

The Rebrandly team occasionally launches branding and/or marketing initiatives. Our goal is to educate companies and professionals about the importance of branded links. With branded links, every link carries the brand name of the company or the product it represents, anyone sharing a branded link takes the responsibility for the content they share (destination URL). In this way, links become more trusted and can be up to 39% more effective (click-through rate). At the same time, together, we are building a more transparent and better Internet. 

In order to create branded links, you need to start with a domain name. You can use a domain you already own (alias domain) or a spare domain. Rebrandly believes that the cost of the domain name should not be a limitation for creating branded links. This is why, in our campaigns, we are happy to give away domain names for free. 

How it works:

- Rebrandly reaches you with a message and or a marketing initiative.
- You decide whether to participate or not in the initiative.
- If you are eligible, Rebrandly sends you a coupon code you can redeem to get a free domain. 

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