How to redeem domain names coupon codes

Rebrandly coupon codes can be used to get free (or discounted) custom domain names.

How to redeem a coupon: 

  1. Visit this page:
  2. Search for your company name, or something that you really like.
  3. If it's available, click on "Redeem coupon" 
  4. You’ll then be prompted to create a Rebrandly account (or login to an existing account).
  5. Once you’ve entered your unique coupon code, you’ll be brought to the domain registration steps. Follow the instructions.

After registering the domain name, please allow some time for it to activate (up to 30 minutes), then you will be ready to create branded links using your new domain name. After the registration, the ICANN will send you an email verification message via email, remember to open the email (look also in the spam/junk folder if needed) and click on the confirmation link. 


Important info, terms & conditions:
- In order to be able to use one of the coupon codes, you must be subscribed to Rebrandly. Access your account or create one here -

- The coupon is only redeemable for some of the TLDs in our domain name catalogue. The available TLDs may change over time.

- Domains can be renewed on a yearly basis at the discretion of the user. For each domain name, you have the auto-renew option that is active by default (You can switch auto-renew off in the domains section of the dashboard if you do not wish to renew)

- The coupon code covers the price of the first year of domain registration only, the user is responsible for the renewal price (which will be charged in advance of the second billing year). The domain can only be auto-renewed if the billing data and the payment method has been updated in the user’s Rebrandly account and the auto-renew feature has been switched on.

- Please note that if the domain is not renewed, it will expire and be released back into circulation, meaning all links created with that domain will be lost.

- Some of the coupons, depending on the specific rules assigned to that coupon, can be redeemed only if you have not already redeemed a coupon or if you do not have any domain in your account yet. 

- Domain names registered with Rebrandly can be only used to create branded links and not for emails, websites etc...


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