How can I prevent my account from being suspended?

One of the main reasons why a link (and often an entire account) gets blocked or suspended is related to the wrong usage of our services, especially when a new link is created. 

One of the important parts of Rebrandly's T&Cs includes, of course, your commitment to respect all applicable laws. Among other requirements, all the links created and shared using Rebrandly must point to lawful destinations and not be used in non-requested communication (spam). 

Many millions of links are created every day using Rebrandly, some of them (a very small percentage), unfortunately, do not comply with the anti-spam, anti-phishing and similar rules, imposed by our T&Cs, by the law and by the various web quality control authorities.

Among the list of not allowed links:
- Links used in phishing (usually pointing to a false login page)
- Links used in spam (unsolicited messages, mainly with emails or SMS)
- Links created with domain names that are infringing a trademark
- Links that are pointing to another URL-shortener instead of the final destination
- Links that have a redirection loop

In order to ensure very good quality of our services, and for the benefit of all our customers, Rebrandly has created a strong Link Quality System (LQS). It uses both automatic software and manual procedures to identify, suspend and block spam, phishing and malicious links in general.
The algorithms of our (LQS) as well as the procedures and databases are constantly updated to be in line with the latest requirements and quality standards.

Generally, an account is also blocked when a disposable (temporary) email is used as the registration email. We prefer business emails and real names. 

Unfortunately, sometimes false positives happen. One or more links (or the account) could have been blocked by mistake by us. Sorry for that! If this is the case with your link(s) or account you can request the unlocking of the account or the compromised link(s). In order for this request to be processed, just write to Rebrandly support using this form: Our support team will manage your request ASAP*.

Remember to include the following information:
- The email you use to log into Rebrandly
- If only one (or more) link(s) has been blocked or the entire account
- The reason why you think it should not be blocked
- Any other useful information that our operator can use in order to process your request. 

Special tip:
Using branded domains is a good practice in order to reduce (by far) the possibility of your links being blocked and increase the deliverability of your messages. Not only does it give the message more trust with the click-through rate increase up to 39% but it has a much lower chance of being classified as SPAM by us and by external authorities (eg.: Spamhaus, Netcraft, Virustotal, etc...).
If you want to register a new branded domain for your company, project or customer (starting for $2 for the first year)click here:


* Please note that because of our internal support procedures the paid accounts are prioritized over the free ones. 

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