Link Management - Make or Buy Scenario

You may think building software to redirect one URL to another is simple, perhaps even rudimentary. When it’s possible to build basic models in as little as 15 minutes (, it may seem like a tempting undertaking. In actuality, it is neither simple nor realistic for the majority of business use cases and is not a solid investment for your company.

Building a URL shortener that is fit for business purposes requires consideration of a variety of important factors. Designing a solution that meets your needs in a reliable and efficient way is only the tip of the iceberg. Once built, you need to load it onto efficient and secure servers, a database to store the data, a system to track click stats and additional software for data analysis. And don’t forget that once everything is in place, tested and functioning properly you need to designate engineers to monitor the system- ensuring the redirects never cease to function and the servers are always up and running.

Even with the time and money to spend on a project such as this, are you really better off doing it yourself? Does it make sense to invest resources in an area outside of the scope of your primary business and in an area where your team are not experts, especially when solid alternatives are available? In most situations, the answer is no. Instead, you should buy the service from a trusted, reliable partner with expert knowledge in the field.

This whitepaper will help you make an informed decision about whether to build or buy URL shortening software for link management.

Download the whitepaper: 

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