How Does Rebrandly Teammate Pricing Work?

Some Rebrandly subscriptions include the ability to allow users to add additional teammates to workspaces they own. By adding teammates, you can create share and manage branded links in collaboration with different colleagues, departments or clients. 

Plans have different limitations on the number of teammates included in the quota, with over-quota fees each month if exceeded. 

Here's how we determine over-quota pricing:

Rebrandly considers a teammate "active" if they've logged in to their account in the latest billing cycle.

So, let's say your plan includes 25 teammates, but you invite an entire department of 50 people to join your workspace so that everyone is included. If 25 (or fewer) of your teammates actually log in to Rebrandly in a given billing cycle, you won't incur any over quota fees- because you only had 25 active users in that month. 

This means that you pay for what you use, and you won't be charged any fees for extra teammates unless they actually use the platform. And each month, you start over again with zero active teammates. 

If you've got questions about your plan or want to upgrade, get in touch and our team will help you find the best solution for your business! 🚀


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