Connect Rebrandly with Other Apps in Zoho Flow

Our integration with Zoho Flow lets you manage your branded links from directly within any of the 300+ web apps available in their gallery. 

To connect, follow these simple steps: 

1. Visit the Zoho Flow app page: and click 'Explore Flow Gallery'


2. Select the integration you want to build a flow for. 


3. Sign into your Zoho Flow account or create a new one

4. Connect your Rebrandly account to Zoho Flow

You'll need to name the new connection (e.g. "Rebrandly Connection") and generate an API key from your Rebrandly dashboard

Click 'Get your API Key' above the selection box to get this


5. Once you've pasted the API key into Zoho Flow, hit authorize.

6. Start creating your flows! 


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  • Zoho Flow and Rebrandly
  • Short URLs and Zoho Flow 

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