Creating Deep Links in Rebrandly

Unlike traditional web links that bring users to your website, deep links allow you to send those users to a particular piece of content or product directly within your mobile app. Anyone who doesn't have your app installed will be automatically redirected to the App Store or Google Play Store and prompted to download it. 

Create a seamless user experience for your existing app users and drive new app installs with this advanced feature for your branded links. Read on to learn how to configure your apps and create deep links from your branded links. 

To Configure a New App:

  1. Log in to your Rebrandly account and navigate to the Workspaces tab. You'll need to configure each app at the workspace level, meaning if you want to create deep links for the same app in multiple workspaces you'll have to repeat the configuration process for each related workspace. 

  2. Click on the workspace you want to configure an app for. If you have this feature enabled, you'll see "0 apps configured" 


  3. Click "Configure a new app" 


  4. Select Android or iOS


  5. Paste in the App Install URI. This is the app's specific URL in the Play Store or App Store. Rebrandly will fetch the App Configuration Title and API URI Scheme for you. You can amend the title, however, it's your responsibility to ensure that the API URI Scheme is correct. (Our system cannot guarantee the information is fetched correctly, so if you're unsure verify it with your developer team or check the Play Store/App Store) 


  6. Click Create and your app is configured and you're ready to create deep link rules! 🚀

How to Create a Deep Link Rule 

  1. Once you've created a link, click "Add options." If you want to add a deep link rule to a link you created previously, just click on that link and follow the same steps. 


  2. Click "Create a new deep link rule" 

  3. Click "Add platform" and then select the configured app that you want to create the rule for. Note that you can only create one deep link rule per platform per branded link.  

  4. The URI Scheme will trigger the app to open when someone clicks on a link with a deep link rule configured. In the following box, you need to add the command for this specific rule

  5. Click "Create" and your rule will be created. When you view the link details you will see the deep link rule associated, and you can remove this at any time. 


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    How does one do this using Rebrandly?  I would like to use a link from IG stories to open up the Youtube native app on mobile.

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    Don Becker

    Some instructions on how to use this feature would be helpful.

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    We are working to update the knowledge base in order to provide better instructions on how to use the feature. In the meanwhile, you can contact our support team They will get back with email support or organize a call to give you all the instructions about the deep link feature.


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