How to delete your free account or downgrade to free and suspend your paid subscription

If you have a free account you can ask to delete it (In this case we will suspend/block it).
If you wish to anonymize your data you can refer to this article.

If you'd like to downgrade your paid subscription or cancel/delete your Rebrandly account, you can do either from your dashboard. Here's what you should do: 


1. To completely cancel/delete your account: 
This procedure is the same for paid and free users. For paid users, it will also downgrade the account to free. 

  • Click on your avatar in the dashboard
  • Navigate to your Subscription page


  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Ask to downgrade to free and suspend your account"
  • Give us a few details about why and then send the request.Screenshot_2022-04-12_at_17.59.09.png

Note: the suspension of an account is a permanent action and cannot be undone (there are a few exceptions to this rule). You will lose access to all of the branded links and click stats you've created and you will not be able to recover this information later. The account will be suspended and the links in that account will stop redirecting. 


2. To downgrade from a paid subscription to a different paid subscription:

  • Send an email to support [@] rebrandly [dot] com.
  • The email must be sent from the email you use to login into your paid Rebrandly account.
  • Please include in the email:
    • The new paid plan you wish to have. If not present on the pricing page please describe which feature you would like to cancel from your plan.
    • The reason for your downgrade.

Bear in mind that if you downgrade your account you will lose access to features not included in that plan level and your thresholds for branded links, clicks per month and teammates will change. 


3. To downgrade your Paid subscription to a Free plan:

If you wish to downgrade your paid subscription to a FREE plan, ask if you are eligible for it, since you must be within the free plan tiers:

- Clicks tracked per month: up to 2,500
- Total branded links: up to 250
- Custom domain names: up to 1 (must be registered with Rebrandly, not an external domain)
- Workspaces: up to 1
- Teammates: 0
- Custom Reports: 0
- Link Expiration: No
- Furthermore, other features that you currently have in your paid plan may be incompatible with the Free plan.

Follow the steps reported in point 1.

IMPORTANT: write in the notes that you would like not to suspend your account but only downgrade it to a Free subscription.

Our team will check if you are eligible and you will be immediately downgraded or answered to lower the resources that you currently use to stay within the free tiers.


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