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Linktree is a popular Instagram tool that lets users create one Instagram bio link which leads to a variety of other links from their dedicated Linktree page. 

While Linktree is a great introductory tool for Instagram users, consider LinkGallery as the best Linktree alternative. 

Rebrandly's latest feature, LinkGallery provides a seamless experience for creating an Instagram bio link, with all the benefits of having a link management platform on your side.

House all your content in your LinkGallery, add new links as frequently as you'd like and ensure you're updating your links to always send users to the most updated and relevant and content.

LinkGallery is free for all Rebrandly users and allows you to create:

  • A custom LinkGallery profile 
  • Unlimited LinkGallery links
  • Detailed click stats for each link
  • Easily add UTM parameters 
  • Set click metrics to public visibility 

And, for users with paid subscriptions, LinkGallery links will be empowered by all the extra features available in your Rebrandly account. 

If you share content on Instagram, you need a custom bio link. Get LinkGallery today! Simply log in to your Rebrandly account, click on the Apps page and get started!


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