How Does the Slashtag Style Selector Work?

When creating branded links via the Rebrandly dashboard, users have a few options for how their slash tag (URL slug) will look. In case you're not familiar with the term, the slash tag is what comes after the slash. So in the case of Rebrandly.Rocks/Blog, blog is the slash tag. 

We encourage our users to include a relevant keyword as the slash tag. Branded links have been shown to help increase CTR by up to 39% versus generic short URLs. It makes sense: using words that users recognize actually indicates to them where they're going to be redirected to if they do click, and that helps instill trust in your brand. 

There are situations, though, where using a generic slash tag will work just fine for you. In that case, you've got a few options for how to set up your preferred style. 

  • Shortest- for a slashtag as short as possible (a minimum length can be set contacting support)
  • Random- for a randomly generated slash tag
  • Suggested- for a slashtag generated based on data from the destination URL
  • Suggested with dash- for a slashtag generated based on data from the destination URL and that includes one or more dashes 
  • Suggested with camel case- for a slash tag based on data from the destination URL, using upper and lower case characters

How to edit your slash tag style preferences:

  1. When creating a new branded link, click on the toggle wheel in the slashtag box

  2. Select your preferred slashtag style and then finish creating the link

Your preference will automatically save, but you can change them at any time. 


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