Can I Transfer Links & Click Data From Another Provider?

It's only possible to transfer links to Rebrandly that were created with a custom domain name. So if you're interested in transferring links from Bitly, Google or any other provider that were created with that tool's generic domain, unfortunately you're out of luck. ☘️

Generic short URLs are the property of the provider you created them with, meaning that you have no ownership rights to transfer them at your own discretion. So if that service ever shuts down (think of the Google URL Shortener as a prime example) you'll be left with no recourse.

But don't despair! You've got the chance to start fresh with Rebrandly. 🚀

Even though you're starting over, think of it as a new beginning. A chance to take advantage of all the many benefits of using branded links.

We'll help you to import all of the destination URLs and transform them into a new set of branded links- the process is both simple and straightforward. And since the links will all be created using your own, custom domain name, if you ever need to transfer them to another provider you'll be able to since the links actually belong to you.

Bear in mind that since you don't actually own those generic short URLs, you won't be able to import any legacy click data either. However, once you create your shiny new set of new branded links, we'll start tracking the clicks on them right away. We've got aggregate and custom reporting options available and can advise on which would suit your organization better.

As I said, the process is pretty simple:

  • We've created this easy-to-follow template for handling link import into Rebrandly.
  • Alternatively, you can create a file (.CSV) format with all of the destination URLs you want branded links created for and our team can process a once off upload on your behalf. (Note with this method, you won't have control over the URL slugs.)

For more information or help importing your links, get in touch with our team today on Rebrandly.Support/Contact. We'd be happy to help you get started!

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