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Rebrandly is the most complete and reliable platform to create, track and manage branded links. We believe your brand comes first, and we work with companies all over the world who care about building a consistent online presence.

Our platform covers a variety of use cases and project scopes, like SMS campaigns, social media marketing, influencer marketing ROI, offline marketing, mobile applications/deep linking, special API projects, dot brand domain projects and more.

View a full list of Rebrandly features and check out our knowledge base for detailed descriptions of them.

  • UTM Builder- Add UTM parameters to destination URLs to get branded link metrics in Google Analytics
  • Private/Public reports- Decide whether or not click stats are visible to the public, for each link or a group of links
  • Aggregated reports- Customize, schedule and send tailor-made reports based on all of the click data from your audience
  • Server to server click stream- Receive click data in a real-time stream directly from our servers to your servers
  • Edit destination URL- Update the destination URL of your branded links at any time
  • QR codes- Generate and download vectorial QR codes from your branded links
  • High volume links- Access dedicated API endpoints to create high quantities of links at very fast speeds. Set links to auto-expire and benefit from a specific pricing model
  • Link retargeting- Fire retargeting pixels/scripts directly from your branded links and add users to your retargeting lists. Works with Facebook, AdWords, Twitter, AdRoll, Criteo and more
  • Traffic routing- Route users to specific destination URLs based on their data and behavior like language, location, click patterns and more
  • Workspaces- Set up folders where members of the same team can view and manage sets of branded links
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    Do you offer branded QR codes where we can insert our logo in the code itself?


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