What Subscription Options Are Available to Me?

While other URL shorteners provide a variety of different free option for many users, they are lacking in a variety of advanced features as well as overall link management functionality that you may find useful when considering new tools.

Rebrandly offers free plans, as well as paid and custom options that vary in price based on the number of links you need to share, the number of users associated with your account, how many custom domains you use and which features are the most important to you. Plans can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis directly from your dashboard.

A more detailed description of how our pricing structure works can be found here.

If you want to discuss your project or use case with one of our sales team, we can help you transition to Rebrandly with flexibility and ease. Reach out on Rebrandly.Support/Contact to book a free consultation today! Check out all of our subscription options here: Rebrandly.com/Pricing.

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