What Is Rebrandly and Why Should I Switch?

Rebrandly is the most comprehensive link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name.

We provide a more evolved approach to traditional link shortening, giving customers the freedom to create meaningful, descriptive and memorable branded links that stand out from the crowd.

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A branded link is simply a shortened version of a URL you want to share, but it's built around a brand name or a related term. Branded links are often referred to as vanity URLs. Unlike generic short URLs, branded links help to:

  • Increase link trust
  • Drive click-through rates by up to 39%
  • Improve brand visibility
  • Transform ordinary links into efficient calls to action
  • Create a consistent brand experience for customers across channels
  • Improve SEO 

We offer detailed click tracking to show you which of your communications drive the most traffic, including individual link data, aggregated reports, customized analytics, and an in-house UTM builder to attribute link metrics in your Google Analytics account.

Take advantage of a complete link management platform that allows you to control all of your organization's links in one place, add advanced marketing features to your links and seamlessly integrates with the tools you're already working with.

Check out some of the most notable differences between branded links and generic short URLs: 

Some of the major differences between Rebrandly and other URL shorteners include:

  • Use multiple custom domain names
  • Change the destination URL of your links at any time
  • Choose a custom URL slug for each link
  • Ensure click metrics remain private unless you set them to public
  • Delete your links
  • Easily and automatically add UTM parameters

Rebrandly turns every link you share into a promotion for your brand. Don't just shorten your links, build a complete branding strategy around them. We'll help you to get better engagement, track your links' success and make the most out of each and every link your organization shares.

Consider Rebrandly the best alternative to the other URL shorteners on the market.

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