Replacing URL Shortener with Rebrandly is a URL shortener that is concentrated on mobile marketing and deep linking. Branch is a great URL shortener if you're looking for a service for deep linking. However, if you're looking for the complete, professional way to brand, shorten, track, and manage your company's links- including deep links, consider Rebrandly as the alternative. Rebrandly offers features such as link retargeting, a UTM builder, custom reports, traffic routing, and bulk link production, just to name a few. What's more, you can centralize all of your links in one dashboard, without needing separate tools for deep links and branded links. shortener

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Rebrandly works with your business to make the most out of every link. 

1. Brand and Customize 

Including the brand and a relevant keyword in every link will:

  1. Increase link trust
  2. Drive click-through rate by up to 39%
  3. Improve brand visibility
  4. Make your links stand out
  5. Transform ordinary links into efficient calls to action
  6. Create a consistent experience across different channels
  7. Improve SEO



Rebrandly has a variety of customers in every industry that already use branded links:

- Lamborghini chose a cool domain that mimics their brand name:

- Panda Express recreates their brand's name using a TLD:

- Harvard University uses multiple domains for specific departments such as for its alumni network and for broader communications

- Jaguar Australia uses to prompt click-throughs on social media

2. Manage Every Link Assetsin One Place

Rebrandly users have complete control of every link in their organization. 
Users can:

  • Manage different access levels using SSO and 2FA
  • Stop or re-route out-of-date links or even ones that are harmful to the organization Enforce compliance standards for security, communications, and branding
  • Edit destination URLs after the links have been shared Optimize traffic routing
  • Retarget visitors who click on the links
  • Create different workspaces
  • Manage 404 errors (page not found)
  • Allow co-workers, partners, and clients to access branded links
  • Control which members of the organization can share with certain domains

3. Track Every Click to Drive Better Business Decisions

Rebrandly consolidates company links from all of these different channels with precision, allowing users to understand where to best invest their money and time. Rebrandly provides:

  • Individual link data
    Detailed and real-time analytics for every branded link
  • Aggregated data
    Overall performance analytics aggregated by the campaign (with tags), the domain name, the user (teammate) and the workspace.
  • Customized analytics
    A powerful tool that lets you build your own custom reports.
  • Integration with Google Analytics
    An in-platform UTM builder to attribute link metrics in your Google Analytics account.

4. Integrate Rebrandly Into Any Workflow

 When choosing any new tool, it’s paramount that it works seamlessly with the tools you’ve already got. Rebrandly is already integrated with over 100 of the most popular apps, including: 

Rebrandly is extremely scalable, always innovating, and is designed for the long-term. alternative

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    Younas M

    Hi Katie,

    Branch IO have one issue. On same wifi network for iOS devices its loss track for clicked link for devices. For example Device A clicked link forward to Device B and Device B link forward to Device A after app get installed from app store. if both devices click links in short time difference. Does rebrandly has tackle this issue? does it give 100% devices match grantee? so we can move to premium plan.

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