Broken links management (404)

How to monitor and fix broken links (404) for your branded links (custom shorten URLs)?

Broken links happen! Maybe someone shared your link with a typo or the link was deleted by mistake. Every time a link is broken it means that some traffic is lost. So how do you know which branded link is broken and how much traffic is wasted?

With this feature, Rebrandly allows you to monitor all your branded domain names, find out which link is broken and how important it is in terms of traffic.

Rebrandly monitors human clicks over the last 30 days. Once you discover which links are broken you may want to repair them, problem, just click on the edit icon and you will be instantly able to repair the link by pointing it to the right destination.

Monitor and Fix

For each of the domain names managed in your Rebrandly account, you will be able to monitor all the broken links clicked in the last 30 days Clicks exclude visits from bots/spiders. The report is updated with daily frequency.  You are also able to archive not relevant results or fix wrong (or non-existing) destinations URLs. 


This is a paid feature, please contact our sales team in order to get an upgrade. 


How to monitor and quickly fix your main domain name broken links

The ALIAS domain feature + the Repair-broken-links feature combined will enable you to manage and optimize any page-not-found (404) route on your main site (eg.: your company website, your blog or both).

The more popular your website becomes, the higher the chance that people share links to the homepage or internal pages - like products, the pricing page, blog articles etc... Sometimes the links contain typos and redirect to an unexisting page. Lots of traffic is lost! With Rebrandly you can easily intercept & measure the traffic lost, quickly repair these routes and increase the visibility of your assets.

This is a paid feature, please contact our sales team in order to get an upgrade. 


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