Unicode (UTF-8) characters in the SlashTag

Rebrandly lets you use special characters/symbols when it comes to composing your branded links.

Specifically, when you create a new link or edit an existing one you can modify the slash tag. In this field, Rebrandly accepts many of the Unicode (UTF-8) characters and symbols. If a character is not accepted you will be immediately notified with a message on the dashboard. 

It is important to note that not all systems accept URLs containing not standard (A-Z) characters. Some platforms may also truncate the link and make it impossible to navigate. This could be the case for SMS and some social networks like Twitter.  If you are willing to use branded links that include special characters or symbols we strongly recommend to test it on the platform you need to use it before you share it at scale. 

Here you can find the list of all characters accepted and other limitations for Rebrandly links: https://custom.rebrandly.com/docs/slashtag/allowed


This Article is About:

  • UTF-8 (Unicode) in branded links
  • Unicode for short URLs
  • Custom Short Links in many languages
  • Arabic short URLs
  • Chinese short URLs
  • Link con l'accento

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