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Bitly Links vs Rebrandly Links


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  • Brad Harris

    It's remarkable how much false and misleading information is in this article.

    1. With Bitly links, you cannot change the destination of the URL
      1. You can, it's called a Redirect
    2. When using Bitly links, you can't connect more than one custom domain
      1. You can, from Basic plans and up
    3. Bitly links are not private
      1. They are, the + at the end is a security feature to help users see what the long URL is that they are being redirected to, you know, to prevent from clicking a malicious link…
    4. Bitly link data is deleted after 30 days
      1. or 1-2 years based on plan
    5. Bitly links cannot be customized 
      1. You mean like or It's a basic function when you connect your domain, you know, like you mentioned in point #2?
    6.  You can not easily add UTM parameters to Bitly links
      1. Oops…
    7. Very few features included in paid plans
      1. I see a lot of checkmarks…

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