Best Solution for Branded Link Management

At Rebrandly, we can guarantee our platform is the best solution for branded link management available on the market. 

While we encourage you to have a look at the other options available, we guarantee our platform provides the best technology, best price, and best service when compared to other similar tools. 

In fact, we're so sure that Rebrandly is the best out there that we'll match any competitor's offer, or even provide you with a better one! 

If you receive an offer from one of our competitors for a plan that outdoes ours for link volumes, teammates (user seats), click tracking and analytics, reliability, scalability or performance, get in touch with us and we'll provide something better. 

These rules are applicable for competitive offers:

  • Only available for plans of $449/month and above 
  • We will ask to see the official offer in writing
  • Fair usage rules and Rebrandly Terms & Conditions apply
  • Offers must be for similar quality (reliability, performance, scalability) of service as Rebrandly 
  • Only applies to new customers/subscriptions 

Rebrandly is an extremely solid platform, designed for the long-term

Thanks to our expert engineers and external partners like Amazon AWS, we provide the best possible platform to shorten, brand and manage links. We’re:

  1. Reliable
    1. 99.9% Guaranteed service uptime
    2. Hosted in multiple countries on Amazon
  2. Scalable
    1. 60 billion clicks tracked each year (and counting)
    2. An infrastructure that's set up to grow based on customer needs
  3. Flexible
    1. 12,000+ developers already using our APIs
    2. Thousands of dedicated projects already logged
  4. Fast
    1. Up to 1,000 new branded links created pers second
    2. Rapid autoscaling infrastructure 


We believe your brand comes first and that's why SMBs and Enterprises love us

Rebrandly is for companies who care about building a great and consistent online presence. We have more than 30,000 premium customers that include brands from different industries such as Automotive, Banking, Recruitment, Fashion and Luxury, Education, Pharmaceutical, Consultancy, Finance, Technology, Telecommunications, FMCG and Retail.

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Our platform covers a variety of use cases and project scopes:

  • Branded short URLs for SMS
  • Branded links for social media marketing
  • A/B testing
  • Influencer marketing ROI
  • Offline marketing
  • Mobile applications and deep linking
  • Special projects using APIs
  • Dot brand domains


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