Alias domain verification

After you set up an ALIAS domain name, Rebrandly periodically pings it in order to verify if the configuration is correct and the alias redirecting method is working properly. 

There are different setup methods for alias domains. For the ones that manage the redirection with a 301 status code, you do not need any extra configuration. For the others, you need to publish a small text file on your website. Following are the instructions you need to look at. 

IMPORTANT: In case an alias domain name is not verified by Rebrandly's periodic check, the status in the domain detail page change from green to yellow. After a period (usually 15 days) the redirect for links with this domain stop working.

Alias domain verification file setup

You can verify ownership of a domain name in Rebrandly by uploading a special file to your site.
WARNING: removing this verification file from your site will cause you to lose verification for the domain within Rebrandly.

To verify ownership using a file:

  1.  Access this URL, then right-click on the page and choose on "Save As ...", or, alternatively, download the verification file from the attached file here.
  2. Make sure to save this file on your device naming it as "rebrandly".

  3. Access your website content directory and create a folder named ".well-known" (including the dot) on the root ("/") level. Please reach out to your specific hosting provider for instructions how to create a folder and upload a file. If you already have a folder with this name, you do not need to create it again.

  4. Upload your "rebrandly" file into the ".well-known" directory.

  5. Test from your browser that you are indeed able to download the file that you just uploaded, by navigating to your website to the special location (replace with your domain name).

If you are able to either see or download the file, Rebrandly as well will be able to verify this domain is indeed connected to Rebrandly, and you will receive a confirmation email when the verification process is successfully completed.

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