How to Make Your Link Stats Public

Branded links created in Rebrandly have private click stats by default, however, some users may want to share click stats publically. 

To make link stats public, you must enable this feature at the workspace level. This means that every link within that specific workspace will have publically available stats. You cannot enable this feature on an individual link.

Once enabled, by adding the "+" symbol OR ".stats" to the end of a branded link, anyone can view the link's click metrics. 

Remember, though, your branded links will have private metrics unless you change them. And you can change them back to private at any time.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your workspaces list and click on the workspace you want to change the stats settings for
  2. Click on the "Public link stats" toggle to make it active

Once changed, from now on by adding + or .stats to the branded link in your browser, anyone can view those links' metrics. 


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