Connect a Domain I Already Own / Domain Alias

In the case that the domain name you wish to use for branded links is not spare and is currently in use (for hosting a website, blog, etc...) you can still use it to create branded links with Rebrandly domain aliases. For that, you will need some help with setup; just at the beginning. The following instructions outline how to activate alias domains with Rebrandly.

To activate a domain alias with your Rebrandly account follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Rebrandly dashboard.
  2. Open the new domain setup page:
    (Domains > "New domain" button > "Connect a domain" link
  3. Type the domain name you already own.
    E.g.: ""
  4. Specify that the domain is NOT SPARE, hence it is used for ‘website, blog, ...’
  5. Choose to use your domain name and NOT the subdomain.

  6. Click on "Next" button. 
  7. Follow the setup instructions on the next page.
    The domain alias details and instructions will 
    also appear in the list of your domain names. 
    Configuration options for the domain alias are
    also available here
  8. Wait for your domain setup to be verified. You will receive an email when it is ready to be used. 


Setting up a domain alias needs a configuration from your side and may not be a simple procedure. We recommend that you proceed with the setup only if you are perfectly able to understand the instructions or, alternatively; you can ask someone in your organization with expertise in domain and DNS setup to proceed with the changes required. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask for help from our support team:

In case a link already exists in the main website (blog, etc...) it will have priority. Links created in Rebrandly with an alias domain will only work if they are NOT present in the main website. 

This article is about:

  • Domain alias for branded links
  • Using the main domain for branded links
  • Use a domain name for the company website and branded links
  • Your brand on your links
  • Url shortener with a main domain name

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