How to turn off auto-renew for your domain

In order to ensure that every domain name registered through Rebrandly will be renewed and will continue to work along with the branded links associated to it when registering a domain name the auto-renewal option is usually enabled by default. However, the user can choose to disable auto-renewal before the domain is renewed.

Rebrandly tries to renew (and bill) the domain before the natural expiration - often 60 days in advance.

When a domain expires it will be removed from the associated account along with all the links related to it. After this has occurred, the links will no longer work.

How to turn off auto-renew for your domain:

  1. Access the Rebrandly dashboard.
  2. Open the Domains list page. 
  3. Find the domain which you would like to disable the auto-renew feature on, then click on it.
  4. Then uncheck "auto-renew:"



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