Rebrandly Aggregated Reports

For a deeper understanding of your audience and where/when your clicks happen, we created Aggregated Reports. 

Aggregated Reports allow to view your click data in reports grouped by tags, domains, workspaces, teammates and see:

  • How your clicks are distributed across the globe 🌎
  • How your clicks are distributed across various devices, browsers, and languages 📱
  • What's the most popular day of the week and hour of the day that your clicks occur 📆

To access your click data, first, enter your Rebrandly account. 

Then click "Reports" in the navigation bar.


Finally, select which report you'd like to view your click stats from (tags, domains, workspaces or teammates).

Note that aggregated reports may only be available in some subscription plans. If you want to discuss your plan or get this feature, get in touch today on Rebrandly.Support/Contact.

This Article Is About:

  • Rebrandly Reports by feature
  • Report by Domains
  • Report by Tags
  • Report by Teammates
  • Report by Workspaces

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