How Does Dynamic Link Routing Work?

Rebrandly's traffic routing feature lets you send your audience to different destination URLs based on different factors like date, language, and user location. 

With traffic routing, you can create timed campaigns using specific date routing, or quickly redirect your customers to the appropriate page based on their browsing language, country or device.

How it works:

Link routing is a rule-based feature that will search to see if a click matches a configured condition and then redirect based on it.

For example: If the click comes from a mobile device and France, then route it to the European mobile page.

Creating new rules is easy, and Rebrandly allows you to set up to 5 per link.

How to create a rule:

1. Select a branded link, click "+ Add options" and then "Traffic routing"

2. A popup will appear, allowing you to select your first condition



3. After setting up your first condition you can either add another one or finalize the rule by adding your destination URL


4. Click "create" and any rules you've added will be applied. All clicks on the branded link that are not subject to these rules will be routed to your default destination URL.

5. From the Traffic Routing popup, you will find an overview of all the rules you've created for the selected link. These rules can be edited whenever required. 


Traffic routing is paid feature and may not be available with all subscriptions. If you'd like to add link routing to your plan get in touch on Rebrandly.Support/Contact


For developers only:
Dynamic-link routing is also available at API level. It is possible to create links via code and at speed using our API endpoints and enrich these links with traffic routing rules: Read more here

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