Teammate Permission Levels

Teammates can have different permission levels within your workspaces. These permission levels are divided into four groups:

  • Owner: Owns the workspace, can access and manage all data and domains

  • Administrator: Manages access to teammates, reports, tags, scripts, templates and all data created in the workspace (except domains)

  • User: Accesses workspace domains and templates, manage links they create, views teammates’ links

  • Guest: Access workspaces domains and templates, can only view and manage only links they create

Task Owner Admin. User Guest
Manage workspaces
Manage shared domains
Perform bulk actions
Import/export links
Manage teammates
Manage custom reports
Manage tags
Manage links created by teammates

Manage their own links

View workspace stats
View workspace tag stats
View workspace teammate stats
View workspace custom reports
View teammates
View links created by teammates & corresponding stats
View links they created & corresponding stats
View domains in shared workspaces
View tags/scripts/UTMs defined for the workspaces

 * Availability of certain features is dependent on your subscription. View plan options 

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  • Custom Short URLs for teams

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