Branded Links for Sales Teams

Branded links are ideal for sales outreach and emails, because they drive engagement. Branded short links are trusted and eye-catching. For this reason, their CTR, or click-through rate, is up to 39% higher than other links.

Here are some features of Rebrandly that are great for sales teams:

The ability to edit the destination of links

Rebrandly empowers users to edit the destination of their links if they need to do so. If a link leading to the wrong place or a 404 page is accidentally sent out, it can be fixed by updating the link's destination in the central dashboard.


If an email blast with a time-limited offer has been sent out, when it has expired it is possible to update the link to lead to the latest deal. This way any prospects who are slow to engage will be brought to a relevant page.


Impress prospects by creating a link specifically personalized to them. This is certain to grab their attention and increase click-throughs. For example, if we wanted to send a proposal to Starbucks, it might look something like this:

With personalized links, it is possible to know if anyone has clicked through by monitoring the link's click data.


Track engagement with UTM parameters

Links within bulk emails can be monitored and tracked too. By adding UTM parameters to the email's links it is easy to see which emails, messages, links and campaigns are driving the most traffic.


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